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Welcome to my Page!
I hope you find this page useful. I will keep third grade and second parents up to date weekly on the spelling words. I will always have them posted on Monday of the new week. Just look for the grade level your child is in  for the list you will want to study with your child. As we move through the units in Fundations, I will put the new sight words for the unit we are studying. Just look for the grade your child is in for the correct list of words. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, I am a phone call away or e-mail away. Thank you for helping with your child's success in school!
Word Builders
Unit Trick Words Level 2 3rd Grade
 Unit 10      Unit 11        Unit 12      Unit 13
great          too            mother      Monday
America     school         father       Tuesday
country      son             brother     cousin
knew         breakfast     early         lose
                 head          neighbor    dance
                 ready         ocean        beautiful
Spelling Words
Spelling Words 3rd Grade: Week of 10/26/15 Monday, charcoal, roast, float, croak, toe, grown, cousin, blow, groan, tow, hoe, rainbow, arrow,
Fundation Unit Trick Words Level 2 Grade 2
 Unit 3    Unit 4
when     even
which    their
again     animal
away     here
more     use

Spelling Words: Week of 10/26/15 even, here, claps, frogs, foxes, mashes, holding, posting, taller, folded
Trick Words Level 1 Grade 1
Unit 3

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Zeda Arelt

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